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Call Center Services – Which one is the safest?

Call center services are designed to give business owners a chance to gain creative control and to grow and scale in a cost efficient manner. Yet because of how it relies on offshore tasks, then some entrepreneurs may not be able to oversee every single aspect at once.

3 remote staff in call center services

Online gift checks for instance can be siphoned off if you hire unscrupulous workers and to begin with, an unreliable outsourcing partner.There are different models of outsourcing and remote staffing. Here we lay out some of the fundamentals. And hopefully the right balance between what you seek and the many advantages that outsourcing has to offer.

If you’re planning to start a global team, it’s a good idea to take a refresher on what kinds of call center services are there. Ultimately, you want to know which one is the safest? This is a question that’s easily answered in that you find an outsourcing partner who’s willing to give you full operational control.

But here are some of the basics of contact center operations and you can see which ones might suit you best.

It’s all up to you regarding the kinds of methods you use to outsource and delegate your tasks. But one thing is certain, if you hire the best people and the most efficient management, everything is likely to go the way you want it to.

And moreover, it also depends on the degree of which you have control over data security and the management of your assets. Sometimes you have to relinquish all that in hiring a traditional call center.


An inbound call center is one who takes calls. These typically range from customer service to email complaints and even chat support. They’re the ones who take the inquiries inbound through the customers who course their questions directly to your customer service staff.

If you already have a sizable business, it will make sense to hire an inbound call center to get assistance in answering calls.


Outbound calls are those which normally comprise telesales calls or follow-ups. Outsourced solutions allows you to find remote employees who are skilled in pitching your products and finding the right customers who will benefit most from them. Sometimes a contact center can be a mixture of inbound and outbound where customer service plays just as crucial a role as increasing sales.


Freelance is an option which some eCommerce providers take if they want to cut costs tremendously. You can hire online workers through Upwork or LinkedIn. Essentially, you hire freelancers to do the job functions you want from them. These can include customer support, chat support and social media management.


An in house call center is fundamentally a hub where calls are made to and from a local office which you yourself manage onshore. If you can create such an office, this one affords you complete creative control. However, there is the cost of overhead

Outsourced call center

An outsourced call center is another name you can call a business process outsourcing office. Remember the definitions here are arbitrary and you can come up with your own. But a business process outsourcing firm can encompass many functions well beyond inbound and outbound calls.

These can include content writing services, graphic design and web developers including a full IT team.

An outsourced call center is far better than a freelance arrangement even though, theoretically you could get a cheaper arrangement with freelancers. However, traditional outsourcing doesn’t always mean you get full creative control.

In talking about data security and encryption, you want a provider who’s willing to oversee

Managed operations

Remote staffing is best when you can lay out the way you want your operations conducted.

You get the affordability of freelance but at the same time you get way more than just outsourcing people in a sweat shop. Managed operations as a model of remote staffing means you are given the remote staff and the office equipment and you decide what operations are run from the start.

Full cost transparency

With iSuporta you get full cost transparency and you know what you’re paying for before you get started. It’s essential that you know what packages you’re getting so you don’t have to worry about overhead costs or unpredictable investments. You decide if you’re ready to outsource, call us and we’ll help you get started.

IT and tech support

We make sure you aren’t alone. We provide you what you need in terms of hardware and software. If you’re going to be dealing with finance and accounting tasks, then we ensure the data management and security of your assets follow the standard protocols you set.

This is vital and you cannot just hire freelance to take care of gift checks and other sensitive assets. Call center fraud won’t occur if you hire the right outsourcing partner to begin with.

Face to face calls

It’s vital to have regular meetings with your remote staff. We can set up a call with you and your staff so you can oversee things personally. Your supervisors will make sure that your requests are recorded and implemented accordingly. This is something you simply cannot afford with freelance. If you did get some semblance of a team, it does not compare with the robustness of managed operations in remote staffing.

On site supervisors

We can be your eyes and ears on the ground. We provide supervisors on a ratio of 1 – 15 staff members to ensure that no one is slacking off and your materials are well taken care of. A results coach or on site supervisor is a person who makes sure to understand the ins and outs of your operations. She or he then makes it a point that all your employees are working on time and in the way you need them to.

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