Have you ever had a really great and profitable idea but have since been afraid to float it out there?

A cartoon graphic of a man with Lightbulbs implying ideas or brainstorming

Or have you been really aggressive in marketing it but somehow you never got the support from friends and colleagues, but Not to the degree you expected?

Obviously, going into business involves a lot of logistics and though you are an Innovator in your own right, it doesn’t mean you have to physically implement all of the aspects of the job yourself.

That is why you need to Outsource these specific services and here are some Fantastic Business Ideas and Platforms in 2020, this isn’t a definitive list, but here are some of the avenues that entrepreneurs choose:

  1. Drop Shipping or Amazon

If you want to sell, instead of holding the stocks yourself, you can use a third party seller or retailer to bring your products to the world. You don’t have to manage everything from a Computer, you can build your eCommerce infrastructure from a Remote Office for Hire that would enable you to get your business started so you can sell as many items as you’ve capitalized on.

  1. Specialized Retail

If you choose to sell directly using your own platforms and apparatus, you can design the way the products go in and out. If you are selling software applications for example, you can come up with special policies and rules to ensure that only the customers who bought them are able to access your goods. Retail however, requires a strong Customer Support team and this is also something you can Outsource to a reliable provider.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the ways that Internet marketers have capitalized on the Web. You create content be it written or audio-visual media and you partner with others to advertise their products.  But what you can do to enhance this further is Hire a team of Web Designers or Content Writers to be able to boost your content in an informative, interesting fashion. You just come up with the ideas and have your Remote Staff do all the work.

It should be on your terms though, and on the terms of the company you have affiliated with. But you don’t have to feel bogged down with all the Admin stuff.

  1. Web Design

This is crucial if you want your work to be recognized. Your product or service needs a stage. Web Design is essential but again you don’t need to be the person who gets into the hard and technical stuff on Illustrator or other applications. You can hire a professional Web designer or a team of Web Designers and Developers to boost up your site.

This goes hand in hand with hiring a Copy Writer or Content Marketing team to ensure that the stuff on your page is relevant.

  1. Fiverr

Are you marketing yourself online? Then you can firmly establish your brand by hiring a Digital Marketing Team or by hiring Virtual Assistants to make sure that you get all of your work done properly and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Speaking of Fiverr though, you don’t want to hire Freelancers. You want to hire Outsource through the use of Managed Remote Staff. This means you book an Office for Hire where your Remote Team operates to the specifications that you have set for them.

Fiverr, nevertheless is one of the avenues in which you can sell things.

  1. ANY IDEAS you have

Start-ups are often hypothetical. You may have an idea for something, you might even be an excellent designer. But if you don’t take the next step in presenting your product to market, then no one will be able to benefit from what you offer.

The key to a Startup is finding the Right Partner.

It’s obvious that there are risks to Incorporating and paying unpredictable costs there Onshore.

Hiring an Outsourced Remote Office though, one that gives you Full Cost Transparency and the ability to customize your operations allows you to go a long way while being able to Choose Remote Employees who are Just as Good or BETTER than Western employees.

  1. YouTube

For over a decade now, YouTube has become the 2nd largest Search Engine in the World. Video content is often what drives people’s attention these days. And it has crossed over into Social Media Marketing in other channels such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

While having a Digital Marketing team is crucial, one of the most important Functions is Video Production or Video Editing.

You can add Cuts, Music, special Effects, Graphics and Logos to your Videos to make them uniquely yours.

Of course you probably can work with Adobe Premiere yourself, but if you’re already in a position to place yourself up, close and personal with clients, it is time to delegate such tasks.

These are just some Business ideas that you can pursue in the year 2020. If you feel that your Startup requires some momentum, and you want REDUCE COSTS with the same amount of COMPETENCE and EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION you get there back home? Then you’ve come to the right place.

LEARN MORE about how you can choose your Outsourced Remote Team here at iSuporta.

We’ll get back to you and we look forward to working with you. Happy New Year!