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What makes Call Centers in the Philippines so Exceptional?

Considering offshoring your tasks to a Call Center in Philippines? It’s the solution for companies like JP Morgan Chase, Google and Facebook to name a few have already chosen. But those are too big, using BPO’s like Teletech, which are too big. SMB’s only need a Boutique and small investment to operate competitively. To outsource your first time needs a bit of handholding to do it right, as often, the act of hiring an outsource office can only garner some short term gains. In the Philippine it’s easy to deploy a frontline outsourcing investment company to get some of your assets offshore. Today, it’s not just if you outsource, but you must choose the best company in the Visaya to help you compete and do it right. Choosing the first offshore company that falls from the Sky isn’t an option. Set your goals and KPI’s first, and then choose the best organization. Let’s discuss further.

Operational Control is the benchmark of Hiring a Call CenterA Female Call Center Employee in Black and Man Taking Calls in red Checkered Shirt in the Philippines.

You want to open up to the possibility that you can hire and employ workers who can be just as good, even better but at reduced costs. But you don’t just want to jump into the water and begin. Project management requires YOUR PERSONAL OVERSIGHT and it cannot be substituted by someone else. Keep in mind, that a small Boutique call center is flexible as well. See for your self, try a 3 month option with one, and then another, you can A/B test it. The best option is a frontline, flexible company that works with you, not rigid.

Remote work is a better option only if it enables you to focus on your core competencies. And because of that you want your investment to count so you won’t only soar nationwide in the States or Britain, your global team can help your venture go international.

Here are some of the things you can offshore to a Call Center Philippines

  1. IT and Tech Support

A really good outsourcing firm has the IT resources and desk space to enable your remote workers to do their tasks optimally. Think about this, if your investment is onshore, you’re gonna have to open an office and purchase the computers yourself. Whereas, if you find a remote staffing firm that already contains all the necessary PC and even tech support, then you’ll no longer need to worry about purchasing these pieces of equipment.

Sometimes, they even have their own internal HR where you can screen your applicants properly. An applicant who suits your qualifications then can be under your employ without you having to go through all the tedious tasks of hiring an expensive staff member over there abroad.

  1. Full Time Remote Workers

Don’t hire freelancers. Now we’re not saying freelancers are bad at least not 100% of the time, but if you outsource to a seat leasing company, that is the better option because more often than not, you will have a Results Coach who can serve as your accountability offer. This would ensure that your outsource staff are as accountable as the field staff you manage over there on the States.

  1. Top Notch Employee Compensation

Now you may have heard of the Visaya speaking region of Cebu, where the BPO industry is thriving in Central Philippines. Getting the right contact center in this area is important but only if they don’t short change their workers.

You need an outsourcing partner that also takes care of its employees to ensure that you don’t get high turnovers. And with the stability of your workers, you can ensure that your operations are going to be on the up and up.

Customer Service Representatives

Customer support will always be a benchmark of outsourcing. No matter what your industry is. If you are working in e commerce or if your work consists of Software Manufacturing, it does not matter. You will be needing a customer support or a live chat support team to attend to all your needs.

Of course you can always get things cheaper at Upwork, hell you can even hire a chat support agent anywhere online. But it’s best that if you want the sensitive nature of your operations to be overseen by those who care about you, then you’re going to need to make the right investments.

And if you invest, there virtually is no risk if you run the show and you work with an outsourcing firm that has no reservations about allowing you to take the helm, but at the same time they can provide you the right Marketing Consultants, On Site Supervisors and Information Technology experts to aid you in your practice. At some point you can even hire technical support agents to come into the mix.

Inbound and Outbound Calls

The crux of any Offshore industry is taking and receiving calls. This is why you need inbound and outbound customer service agents. You can set the call volume and the metrics, but at the same time you need to employ people whose English is as good as yours.

The Philippines is absolutely the right outsourcing destination if you’re looking towards cost reduction but at the same time without compromising the quality of your operations. Again, since a contact center has day to day operations that may very well run 24/7, they need to be located in the right economic zones and PEZA accredited. You want to hire a Western office that is based there in the Visaya region rather than in manila, so that you get the best of the best in East and West.

Transparent Labor Costs

You cannot substitute Full Cost Transparency in thinking about hiring a call center Philippines. You need a remote staffing partner who is going to show you all the pricing is going to entail. Name your budget, name the number of remote workers you are going to hire, and you can start the conversation about outsourcing to the Pacific.

You can grow beyond startup and start to grow and scale. Often, the right remote outsourcing company can also serve as an excellent business partner for the sake of incubation. The call center industry has become rote for only people in boxes and letting their clients dictate a set of metrics.

To improve efficiency, you can offshore your human resources and cut down on operational costs without cutting down on quality necessarily. Your business practices should reflect who you are in your industry.

If you hire a Western company offshore, that can be one of the best investments you make. Get Started Today

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