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 Order Verification and Processing

If your business is taking off, of course you will need people attending to the various phone calls that are coming into your organization. It obviously helps if the purchases of customers can be taken care of. Because as people take an interest in your business, they know they can transact with you.

And this requires personnel who are specifically trained to attend to your main concerns as well.

Some of the skills that go into Order Verification and Processing are:

  • Receiving, inputting and overseeing customer orders. Tracking the progress of all these orders to ensure the smooth flow of information regarding shipping and invoices.
  • Responding to questions with customer orders and invoices
  • Creating new customer accounts and arranging of customer orders
  • Tracking, following up and overseeing credit applications processes in full compliance with customs and regulations
  • Taking care of credit card payments

Some of the skills this job requires are:

  • Dealing with a high volume of orders
  • Data Entry
  • Proficiency in MS Excel or any Spreadsheet
  • Ability to Empathize and Focus on the Customer
  • The ability to learn about the different functions and levels in a business

They can also perform miscellaneous tasks such as Data Entry and keeping records. These are fundamental elements if you want to keep track of sales. If you want to scrutinize your books thoroughly or at least gain a comprehensive summary of your transactions, iSuporta Managed Operations can provide you the needs these requires.

Sometimes this is done through phone confirmation. This is the best way to find out if the order was indeed received. These are also done to protect your customers from being victims of debit or credit card fraud.

If not, emails are often sent asking the customer to make a call within 3 – 5 business days. This is to ensure that the customer placing the order is the person whose contact information matches the ongoing transaction.

At iSuporta, we don’t require you to conform strictly to any fixed protocols. But we do recommend adhering to industry standards.

And the manner in which you want to conduct this task is all up to you and your business needs.

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Woman in Outsourced office doing the same job for less and happier

They’re clever and efficient. They have brilliant tech support.

Maria Jones
Outsourced staff prefer to live in their home countries and work in local offices

I’m amazed at how much creative and technical control to my operations iSuporta has given me.

Robert Felton
Remote Staffing Employee Outsourcing

How easy can it get? They’re an office for hire and they’ve given me a strong and reliable team.

Corey Hall
iSuporta Remote Staffing and outsourcing team lead

The office is Remote. But my business is completely hands on, I love their management and the staff they’ve given me.

Sienna Hunt

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  • Level 9 MSY Tower Pescadores Road
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