Data Labeling & Annotation Services for Machine Learning

Fully managed humans generate high-quality and accurate labels to create a data set for use in your AI, Machine Learning, NLP project.

100% accuracy must be the goal for a data set can be accomplished via internal re-training, variances, spotting potential errors in gold-sets, refining definitions, improving Labeling UI software.

Proper Staff and AI Ethos is key to the best Classification / Annotation / Data Labeling results.

What is Data Labeling / Annotation

According to WikiPedia D/L are a group of samples that have been tagged with labels, basically it is the building blocks of any AI Project. In where the AI software finds patterns and similiarities so it can define future un-labeled data in accordance with it’s self defined pattern structure.

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Artificial Neural Network

  • Reinforcement Learning

  • Learning with Humans

  • Supervised Learning

  • Clustering

  • Dimensionality Reduction

  • Structured Prediction

Learn and Use AI,  before your competitors Know and Use AI.

Andrew Karpaty, Tesla

100% Focus on details of your AI, ML, NLP Data Labeling Project.

Great Equipment

Tools of the trade do make a huge difference between some or a lot of detailed work to be done. Professional Data Labeling requires big screens, fast internet and good computers.

High Throughput

Time is money, and getting tasks completed is also key to success, with most datasets in the 100”s of millions, there is no time to spare, especially getting to market.

Constant Training

Professionals must constantly sharpen their skills, as humans we slack over time, but to train AI, 100% correct detail is crucial to success of your data set.

Data Labeling Software Tools must fit Data Labeling Tasks

Image annotation companies have experience showing that not all annotating talks are the same. If it’s Data Labeling for AI, or Labelbox video annotation, , NLP, Hive or Medical, we will work on the best solution for you.

Video Annotation
Annotating the real world of cars and traffic

Choose the Right tool for the job

Industries in need of high accuracy datasets 

We focus on high level of accuracy, with internal training programs, and knowledge share, to make your Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) project a success.

Choose the Right tool for the job

The Labelers is of Key Importance. They must be trained, retrained, Quality assured, tested, and verified.

We have achieved success in Data Labeling mainly because we focus on the specific employees.   We remove the bottom 10% and reward the top 10%.    They are constantly trained and are cmopelled to show discrepancies and record them and report them to the client.   We know how valuable a 100% accurate data set is.  This is what we strive for, so your project is a success.

Data Labeling F.A.Q.

People Also ask us these questions, maybe they can help.

Data labeling is the process of describing and attaching information in a structured way, in order to create an organized data set which groups large numbers of data points into small numbers of categories. This is often used for teaching an AI to know that minor differences still mean the same thing. For example, a bicycle picture from the left and from the right, are the same thing. If there are millions of pictures (data points) looking similar to a bicycle, the AI can be trained to define a bicycle as a bicycle just because it resembles it’s data set.

the differenece between annotation and labeling is mainly the same, but, annotating is usually referred to in text forms, while data labeling can be all forms, of video, data, sound, text, pictures, etc..

A good data labeler is a person who can think fast, can see patterns easily, good eyesight, and can focus for long periods of time on a task.

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