Cost Comparison

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Our cost of $10 per hour does not equal to a $10 employee.    Cost of employee is 50% salary and 50% fees,  sometimes more, depending on what the employee needs.

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our $10 Includes:

  • Taxes (local,state, fed) + Insurance + Health
  • Insurance, Bonuses, Time off.
  • Employee Supervision and Management.
  • Office facilities – Desk, Computer, Wifi, Printer.
  • Education Level
iSuporta Virtual Assistant Salary Employee
Monthly Pay $1,690 $3,300
Over Head $0 $1,650
Benefits / Taxes $0 $990
Total $1,690 $5,940

Employee Cost Comparison

Although price isn’t everything, it is something,  especially when it’s 3x more expensive when all costs are incurred.   Not to mention addition efforts of doing the actual management.    Focusing on your work is best,  and leave the management of the operations to us.  We will get it done for you

Do More, Contact more, Work Less

Utilizing Staff is key, we can do the leg work so you don’t have to.



We take great pride in long term relationships

Woman in Outsourced office doing the same job for less and happier

They’re clever and efficient. I like their tech support.

Maria Jones
Outsourced staff prefer to live in their home countries and work in local offices

I enjoy the creative control I get in my operations.

Robert Felton
Remote Staffing Employee Outsourcing

How easy can it get? They’re an office for hire and they’ve given me a strong and reliable team.

Corey Hall
iSuporta Remote Staffing and outsourcing team lead

I enjoy remote staffing. With iSuporta it’s just like they’re part of my in-house team.

Sienna Hunt

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  • Unit 901 The Insular Life Cebu Business Center Mindanao Ave. corner
    Biliran Rd Cebu City 6000 Philippines

  • Level 9 MSY Tower Pescadores Road
    Cebu Business Park Cebu City 6000