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    Hire a virtual assistant, ones who know and can operate AI

    There are times that you really want to get things done. If you are an eCommerce specialist for instance and you want more sales or the chance to reach more people, what would you do?

    You’re likely to outsource virtual assistants or digital marketing specialists to get the job done. And let’s face it you need the human touch. You can use several apps to get certain things done such as automation tools, spinners, open source video editors and such.

    In spite of this, you still need intelligent, intuitive and highly trained remote staff to filter through all the clutter and make sure that the services you can offer are not compromised.

    circuitboard AI graphics - a helpful tool when you hire a virtual assistant

    Hire virtual assistants

    You should hire virtual assistants from a remote staffing company who specializes in helping American employers like you. People who are college graduates and are eager to perform the tasks you give them.

    If you find an outsourcing company who offers you full cost transparency and allows you to customize the nature of the tasks you’re offering, then it’s going to work exactly the way you want it to while you serve as captain of the ship you are steering.

    VA Services with AI enhancing your outsourcing relationships

    It’s one thing to hire remote staff. It’s another thing to equip your remote staff with the best tools in the industry. If you’re an eCommerce specialist who wants their SEO and blogging to be on the up and up, wouldn’t it make sense to use all advantages you can get.

    AI, such as the GPT-3 model allows you to optimize and automate your tasks so when you hire a top notch remote employee, they would know when to do the automation and when to come in and make refinements and edits.

    With this method of speeding up your tasks, you can get more done in a short amount of time but increase quality and the efficiency at which you make decisions in your marketing campaigns.

    GPT-3 virtual assistants help you save operational costs

    The greatest advantage of outsourcing remote staff and further optimizing them with giving them an API like GPT-3 allows you to not only save up on costs but to reach more leads and offer more services to clients for a lowered cost.

    If you can optimize the GPT-3 AI for instance for coming up with an extensive social media marketing campaign and set it to run at optimal hours, what you get is a more efficient sales funnel.

    But again AI can only go so far, you still need a human touch. Whether the field is programming, content writing, graphics or video, you can’t just neglect the human touch.

    Your virtual assistant can focus on marketing the services you can offer

    If your VA is freed up from dozens of admin tasks because she or he programs them using the GPT-3 interface, then they’re freed up to join you on your marketing agendas.

    Data entry can be rather tedious. And unless there are specific aspects of your files you’d like done manually, there isn’t a reason to deploy this AI to ensure they do work speedily.

    Virtual assistants are also trained in customer support and the best of them can be trained specifically to excel in your industry.

    Outsource staffing gives you human resources and admin assistance

    Aside from getting the on the job admin assistance you require, hiring a remote staffing partner who offers GPT-3 and other tools aside from AI enhanced staffing allows you to free yourself up from focusing on human resources.

    You can get the chores of compensation and benefits off your plate and rest assured your remote employees will be compensated accordingly. It’s a good idea to find an outsourcing company whom you trust and only proceeding if you’re allowed to customize your workflow to the degree you find satisfactory.

    Open AI API allows for faster information analysis

    A really advantageous feature of GPT-3 or any open AI API you’ve found to work best is that it allows you to make decisions easier through the act of information analysis. There’s no reason for you to wait for hours on end while your VA performs their data entry tasks.

    With the most advanced macros in place you can even make multi-variate based decisions due to the fact that this AI moves swiftly and is designed to make redundant those human functions that otherwise take time.

    If you’re able to see the layout of any given target audience for instance, your analyses will be sound and likely to be the most efficient decisions as far as achieving sales are concerned.

    Hiring remote employees with AI expertise widens your reach

    You can widen your reach, lower costs and at the same time make adjustments to the way you do business based on what your clients need. Here’s the thing, you don’t want to dispense out of hiring staff altogether. But you hire smartly.

    Working with top of the line remote staff provides you the insights you’re going to need when deploying your strategies and workload. With iSuporta, you only pay as you go live. There are no hidden costs. This is the main advantage in working with an outsourcing company who cares about quality.

    And now with GPT-3 you can care about quantity too but without sacrificing any of the integrity of your workflows.

    Full cost transparency – hire a virtual assistant

    If you work with the right outsourcing partner, what you get is full cost transparency. This means you won’t invest in something you are unsure of. Hire a virtual assistant means you understand what it takes to speed up your tasks and to divide those chores which you must do yourself and those you ought to delegate to your VA who is highly trained in AI.

    Hire remote employees, not just VA’s.

    If you want more done, then you can hire an entire digital marketing team of remote employees. If you want to hire a team of VA’s or marketing specialists, then just say the word!

    You don’t have to let all of them work with the Open AI API, some of them can work on more personal and more meticulous tasks while you train others to be operators of GPT-3.

    These can work wonders because if you have a remote employees all working with you on the same page, it’s much easier to focus on your core tasks and ensure that your business is steering itself in the direction it ought to go.

    Any questions about hiring remote staffing with AI expertise?

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