Hire Medical Billing Staff, Save Time and Money!

    Outsource Medical Billing and Focus on your Patients 

    Medical billing is a crucial aspect of making revenues in the healthcare field. Doctors and clinicians need to focus on what they do best, which is treating patients. This is what makes a difference in helping to treat patients.

    Medical billers are those who submit and follow claims to be sure that healthcare practitioners get paid.

    These involve the doctors, the billers and more often than not, insurance companies. You should hire top of the line staff who can learn and make adjustments to medical codes as the industry requires it.

    If your clinic is starting to take off, you can’t follow up every single claim you have, so working to outsource some of these tasks is ideal to make sure you can focus on your core obligations as a doctor while your remote staff perform the coding that you need.

    iSuporta can provide you the following Medical Billing roles

    • Medical Billing Specialist
    • Patient Biller
    • Medical Records Technician
    • Quality Control Reviewer
    • Health Information Biller

    Access to highly motivated, highly trained medical billers is important. When you’re hiring employees, you don’t want to get people who just do the number crunching because they need a paycheck.

    You want people who are clear, precise and take ownership of your business so that you can be sure that they’re encoding the right information and following ICD-10 standards and other calibrations you specify towards your medical billing tasks.

    Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing medical billing to the Philippines

    Save Costs

    You don’t have to hire and train your own in house medical billers. We provide the staff and the equipment so that they can take care of your needs. You can also improve your cashflow by asking payments per procedure.

    College Graduates

    Medical billers are best when they’re highly trained and trained in the medical profession. The Philippines usually deploys college graduates to serve as remote staff. Conforming to the required standards of this job is fundamental.

    Flexible Staffing Solutions 

    Hire medical billers, medical transcriptionists and even telehealth professionals to help you ease your workload. You can set up your remote team and decide the staff that comprise your medical practice.

    Reduce payer denials 

    Make sure your clients pay and pay on time. This minimizes or eliminates interruptions to your cash flow and revenue and ultimately assures that you will receive the payments you need right on time.

    iSuporta provides Medical Billers with a Remote Office

    We are your office for hire. Appoint your chosen medical billing staff and set your quotas and workflows.

    1. Pooling

    We select from top college graduates and professionals. We choose candidates based on the specifications you give and allow you to interview them as well.

    1. Hiring

    Once hired, we furnish them with office space and desk space and make sure they are getting the equipment they need. We also allow you to make specifications in terms of software and hardware you might require.

    1. Managed Operations

    Once onboard, you can expect your medical billing routines to be shouldered solely by your remote team. You can choose between how much you want to manage and how much you want us to manage. We also have On Site Supervisors to make sure your staff are meeting their quotas.

    Schedule a call with us if you want to know more.

    Focus on your Patients, spend less time with number crunching.

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