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Frequently Asked Questions for iSuporta Outsourcing

What is iSuporta?2019-12-17T21:37:54-05:00

We are an Outsourced Remote Staffing company. We are an office for hire. We provide top of the line Remote Staff that is customizable according to our clients’ needs.  Another term for industry is we offer Managed Operations.


You tell us your operations and what things you need help with. And we give you the Office Space and Infrastructure.

What Services does iSuporta Offer?2020-01-14T20:04:50-05:00

We take whoever we can get and whichever businessmen and businesswomen can take full advantage of Remote Outsourced Staff.

Currently we serve eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Insurance, Recruitment and a number of other industries in the West by providing them Fully Fledged, Fully Equipped Offshore Employees.

Tell us Your needs by Clicking Here or Filling Out the Form on the Right.

We’ll be glad to work with you and if you are a startup, we are an ideal business incubator.

Can I screen my potential Remote Employees myself?2020-01-14T21:15:53-05:00

Of course! Since we can give you Remote Connectivity via Skype, Zoom or other online tools, you can screen our shortlist of applicants yourself and choose from your favorite. Or you can let us know the Full Extent of your requirements so we get a clear picture of what your Business Goals and Operational objectives are.

Whatever the case, you will get the Ideal Remote Staff members that you want.

Outsourcing has never been this customizable.

Can I call my Remote Staff members?2020-01-14T02:28:37-05:00

Absolutely! We use tools like Zoom, Loom, Skype and Trello. You can have Virtual Calls with them and personally check on your needs. When you aren’t around, you’ll have an On Site Supervisor to make sure that your Outsourced Staff are getting the job done. The best thing about iSuporta is we allow you to dictate how much You Manage and how much We Manage.

How are your Accounts Managed?2019-12-17T22:59:20-05:00

We have a Team Leader or Supervisor at the ratio of 1 – 15 Employees. It is important to us that your Remote Employees are given the right accountability, the right assistance and a superbly functioning Equipment and Desk Space at all times.

The Supervisor you assign will check their performance on a day-to-day basis while YOU still call the shots in whatever manner you see fit.

Are you an Assembly-Line Company?2019-12-17T23:54:17-05:00

No. Our workers are paid two times the national average. We have fully air-conditioned, fully equipped facilities. We monitor their attendance, performance and their day to day activities. And all of them are pooled from the best of the Filipino people.

What’s best is, in Cebu the cost of living is lower. So we’ll quote you 1/3 of the usual onshore costs you spend at home.

We are not a cheap company. Quality and Customer Satisfaction is something we value. By that token, we value our employees.

How long is a typical contract?2019-12-17T21:33:03-05:00

It totally depends on you. While we gear towards employing Full-Time employees, you can also take advantage of our packages that are for your short-term needs. Additionally, you get to choose whether you appoint a single hire or an entire team.

We give you full operational control.

Are there any hidden costs?2019-12-17T22:34:30-05:00

NONE. We offer total transparency for your quotations, and again it depends on the skill set and at the same time. And there are virtually no unnecessary risks. You don’t make speculative investments.

Your ability to increase the momentum of your business all depends on how you custom tailor your work.

See our Cost Calculator here.

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