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    What can a Call Center do for my Small Business?

    So you have a product or a service that you want to put out there. And you have some clear ideas about how you would like to go about marketing your business. Most of the hurdles that startups encounter when they’re launching is time and budgetary constraints.

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    Plus, there is the issue of having to hire new employees and whether or not you can provide them the office space they need.

    It’s easy when you’re working from home and managing your business from home to the degree where your chores and administrative functions are manageable. But when clients start coming in and your sales is just starting to function, you may find that most of your administrative tasks and data entry chores start piling up.

    Small Businesses need Leverage when Sales are just Kicking in

    This is when it might be wise to start delegating some of these chores to someone you know or sharing the workload with your business partners. It gets even more complicated that when clients start coming in, you’re starting to make conversions? And then the sales start coming in. That’s when you need to leverage the power of customer service, digital marketing and lead sourcing to help you maintain stable footing in your niche.

    Of course all of those can be done by one person. At the beginning.

    When you’re thinking about growing and scaling your startup, usually what you can do is open up your own office back home, purchase the IT and Office Space and then hire competent employees to make sure your workflows are implemented smoothly.

    This approach works tremendously well especially if you want full operational control. The rest of the work you can outsource to a freelancer and then they’ll take care of some of the more repetitive tasks or stuff which you don’t necessarily have the time to do hands on.

    Startups shouldn’t Rely on Freelancers

    Hiring a freelancer isn’t always the best course because often, they’re people with their own agendas. And though it’s cheaper to find someone on Upwork or LinkedIn, they may often moonlight with other jobs and they won’t be as committed to your work as you would like them to.

    You can of course hire a freelancer to do your work, preferably someone from back home who lives in your city whom you can monitor on a day to day basis.

    Call Centers take the load off your plate

    Some business owners opt to go for the Call Center outsourcing business model. Or traditional BPO’s. Meaning Business Process Outsourcing if they have an influx of tasks already which need to be performed on a regular basis.

    The thing about call centers is once you turn over your tasks to a certain outsourcing company they might take over your tasks and set their own KPI’s. At times you won’t even know who the employees are.

    You know you’re going to get Customer Service agents, Sales agents and maybe Collections agents from an outsourcing company. But with the traditional structure you may not be allowed to be as hands on as you’d like.

    Call Centers are an efficient way to proceed with your small business, but sometimes with the high turnover rates and the way employees are coming in and out of accounts? That’s hardly a sustainable way for operational efficiency.

    Managed Operations is the Balance of between Cheap Labor and Expensive In-house Staffing

    If you choose to outsource, you need to find a way to retain operational control while at the same time getting high quality employees to perform your tasks.

    If you need any bookkeeping assignments? Then outsource them through a Managed Operations model of Remote Staffing.

    This is the centerpoint, the Next Gen of outsource staffing. Managed Operations, the new model of Call Center Outsourcing allows business people like you, to get high quality, professionally trained, college educated staff for low costs while keeping the high quality you’d expect from employees who are trained back home.

    It doesn’t get any better than that.

    Remote Staffing through Managed Operations, your Office for Hire

    Think of it as renting an office. You don’t have to pay for overhead costs, worry about taxes or rental costs not to mention the need to procure equipment. Obtaining your resources through a Remote Staffing company who gives you a choice between how much You Manage and We Manage is ideal.

    It is the gold standard for small business outsourcing because if you get highly paid and highly motivated remote employees, this means they’ll take ownership of the tasks you assign them.

    Managed Operations has Results Coaches

    You need to have results coaches on the ground. This is something you don’t get with freelance.

    Of course there are results coaches and supervisors in traditional call centers, but some of them take the side of their fellow employees on the floor, they may NOT be on your side.

    What you want is an outsourcing model where your Staff, your Supervisors and the Management are on the same page.

    This is when operational success is possible.

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