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    Telemedicine Outsourcing

    Telemedicine has long been a predominant field especially for patients who could not afford an in person visit. These solutions are immensely advantageous to patients who cannot afford multiple trips to the hospital or would simply like to take lab tests on their own and have them interpreted straight away by a medical professional as they get home.

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    These solutions are especially prevalent in the coronavirus world where social distancing measures may still apply in the long run. With hospitals crowded with people with contagion, it makes sense to be able to provide these services to people. Telemedicine offers an alternative solution for patient visits through the Internet with nothing more than a smartphone or tablet if that is what patients have in hand.

    Consultations are done through a face to face phone call where a Medical Professional can provide an assessment based on the current needs of the patient as well.  Public health concerns in 2020 have arisen that it’s high time for Home Healthcare Providers to give their customers more value in a crisis that requires innovation.

    Here are some of the qualifications of Telemedicine providers and what they can offer patients in general

    1. Round the Clock Patient Care Support


    A good Telemedicine company usually has the development of a customer service line which patients can call at any time. Though the doctor’s may not be around 24/7, it is imperative that a company is able to process applications, queries and questions of equipment use over the telephone. Telehealth is a growing field and it simply makes sense if Remote Patient Monitoring is incorporated with customer service. Sometimes asynchronous telemedicine is the term because you don’t have to dole out a consultation all in one go.

    1. Fully trained Medical Professionals

    It’s absolutely critical to hire medical professionals to be those who attend to these patients online. A medical doctor is imperative if they are going to be giving out consultations. A registered nurse will suffice if these are instructions on self care and palliative maintenance.

    1. Happier Medical Professionals

    While telemedicine solutions are not meant as a substitute for in person visits, normally, you get more lively and happier staff because they are more compartmentalized and less likely to encounter stressful situations. Telehealth provides the patients highly motivated professionals who not only can guide them clinically, but also provide them a boost of self esteem.

    1. Flexibility for Doctors and Patients

    Doctors can be on a trip elsewhere and still be available for patients. Likewise, if patients aren’t in the same city, they can still consult through the Internet taking advantage of how remote means of patient care is given to those who take advantage of these services. Consultations don’t have to be limited to a single space or schedule and they can be as asynchronous as requirements demand.

    1. No contamination

    Again, it’s always good to go to an ER if you aren’t feeling well. But there is a lesser risk of running into a contagion if the person can stay at home and still be seen by their doctors. There is no need to decontaminate your clothing, simply ask the doctor your questions and follow through with the instructions that are given as well.

    1. No more long waiting hours

    What often puts more patients at risk for exposure is lengthy waiting times in hospitals. The use of telemedicine consultations eliminates this entirely. Appointments are typically scheduled systematically and they don’t have to fall in line to get attended to. Physicians can get right to their patients because of how remote connections instantaneously allows a more organized consultation schedule.

    1. Patients can get consulted in the middle of work hours

    Since most people are eager to get back to work as lockdowns are eased, then if they have any health issues that need intermittent consultation, they can do so at the click of a mouse without having to shuttle back and forth into a hospital. These arrangements can then be staggered and the schedules and payments are decided with their individual providers as well.

    1. Increased consultations for Home Healthcare Providers

    If you opt to have more consultations, then that is certainly an option. If you choose to outsource your Telemedicine medical professionals, then you don’t have to adhere to the strict office shifts of a hospital. Within integrity and permissible operating mandates, as a Home Healthcare Provider, you can take advantage of this and help more patients if that is within the scope of the services you aim to offer.

    1. Self sufficiency in patients

    If patients are instructed to care for themselves without necessarily going to the hospital, then that increases their self esteem. This plays a huge role in therapy and should not be underestimated. Telehealth applications can certainly afford some patients this privilege. Physicians are not the healers but simply the facilitators of the therapy which the patients implement themselves.

    1. Job opportunities for healthcare professionals

    The telehealth industry can restore a sense of fulfillment and utility for Healthcare Practitioners to offer the services and the assistance they are able and legally capable of providing. Now, more than ever is home healthcare going to be a necessity than a privilege. If health care can be provided remotely or while working from home, then this is an industry that has become more essential in a progressively changing world.

    Where can you outsource Telemedicine Services?

    Think about this, you’re probably already used to working from home or providing services remotely.  The best thing you can do to cut costs and scale is to find an Offshore Remote Office that will allow you to outsource offshore Medical Professionals for lower costs and with equal or superior caliber. The Philippines is the most ideal destination for an offshore office.

    At iSuporta, we pay our employees higher than most BPO workers. You will get highly trained, medically licensed, 100% motivated employees. We provide them the Office Space and Equipment and you get a Results Coach to make sure your team is accountable.

    If you need Remote Telemedicine staff or have any other needs that can help you improve your operations, then you may Contact Us.