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    How to hire Agents for Inbound Call Center Services

    Inbound call center services will always be indispensable to Western business owners if they choose to outsource their services and to gain traction. Customer service outsourcing to the Philippines can help you achieve your quotas while still getting the same quality of work you would get from people in the States.

    3 smiling female remote staff - how to interview call center agents

    Why the Philippines?

    It’s because most of the people here are literate, college graduates, can speak and understand American or British English, and they’re young and passionate. There’s nothing that can help your bottom line more than outsource staff who are already motivated in and of themselves.

    If you’re looking to hire agents for Inbound Call Center Services, here are some of the things you need to look out for.

    1. Inbound Call Center Agents ask Questions.

    In their job interview, you can get a sense of whether these applicants are interested or not if they ask you questions. If they’re curious enough about the job, this means they care about the work they’re about to put in and even on the job interview, they’re already curious about the ways they can help you.

    1. Inbound Customer Service agents speak Perfect English.

    They don’t need to have an American accent or a British accent, but what you’re looking for is perfect verbal English, where their accents are neutralized and they can communicate as easily as Western speakers. This is a benchmark for any inbound agent because they’re likely to be dealing with voice calls from the West. It’s important them to qualify them on this basis.

    1. Inbound call center agents know how to handle pressure.

    Ask them about the last time they’ve had to handle an extremely hectic call and how they managed it. Customer service agents must be able to be calm and resolved even in high pressure situations. This is what distinguishes them from other workers because not only will they be dealing with irate customers, but more often than not there’s a stack of calls to attend to and those are going to require extra attention if you’re going to be able to get through your day.

    1. What do you enjoy the most about working in a call center?

    If you’re interviewing a job seeker who cannot answer this question, there is a chance they aren’t all that motivated to be on the job. Great inbound customer service representatives understand that ultimately, a call center career is rewarding whether it’s the team effort, or the chance to talk to foreigners, or the chance to be well rounded with eCommerce, there’s always something rewarding about working in a call center. Aside from getting a paycheck, if your agent can answer this question properly, that goes to show they are self motivated.

    1. How would you deal with an irate caller?

    Working with irate callers is absolutely a must in inbound customer service. It’s one of the things which either make or break a call center agent. You can either give them a mock call on the spot or if you’re looking for customer service agents with experience, then ask them outright how they have handled irate calls in the past.

    These are just some of the basic questions you can ask when hiring an inbound customer service agent.

    You can get started with your contact center operations with us and you don’t have to sweat it either. We can ask the questions and it’s up to you to choose from your favorite candidates. With full cost transparency, you only pay as your employees are ready to go. This is outsourcing as it’s finest.

    It is Outsourcing with your full operational control.

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