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    Virtual Assistant Philippines – How to Hire a VA

    If your business is growing, for sure you’ve already got a lot of tedious accounts and finance stuff to accomplish.

    That is usually the case when you’ve made some traction on your small business, your ecommerce shop or whatever industry you’ve made a niche for yourself into.

    female virtual assistant working on the phone

    Outsourcing a virtual assistant can be ideal if you have a host of admin functions to do and you want to save money on staffing costs.

    You can also leverage outsource operations to help you get more leads and generate more sales and conversions without necessarily spending more than you normally have to.

    Here’s what you can assign to a virtual assistant:

    1. Bookkeeping Tasks

    Sometimes, you just have a lot of accounts and finances coming in and out of your company and that is a good thing! Outsourced bookkeeping services allows you to work through these numbers and figures and make sure you stay on top of collections and payments to ensure that you never stay behind on your tasks.

    1. Appointment setting

    This is a very fundamental virtual assistant task. If you’ve got a number of clients in tow and you can’t attend to all of them at once, you can get these things set in order and in a constant, continuous basis through hiring your outsourced virtual assistant.

    You can have a whole slew of appointments at any given time but with the help of your virtual assistant, they can get things arranged and even make some phone calls for you.

    1. Customer Service

    Virtual assistants can help you with customer service tasks as well! You don’t have to hire a call center agent per se, instead hire a person who is all around and capable of not only helping you with your appointments but also with attending to concerns and requests your customers might have.

    They can work with voice calls or chat support and even email support and these are things you can get off your plate.

    1. Market research

    You can also use your virtual assistant to perform market research or spy on your competitors. This is an efficient way to gather information without you having to sift and sort through all the useful leads and the garbage! If you have a virtual assistant, this speeds the process up and you have effectively used them as lead sourcing agents.

    1. Content writing

    Hiring a virtual assistant means you hire someone with a host of many other skill sets. You can use them to create, proof read and copy edit materials you might have either for marketing or for use internally. If you find the right person. It’s going to guarantee that you can count on them for almost anything and they will be helping your internal processes and help you progress as an organization.

    How to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

    The best way to outsource a virtual assistant is through Managed Operations. This is the model of outsource staffing where you hire an offshore company to give you employees, but you retain full operational control and you get a host of a whole lot of other resources to complete your tasks.

    Sounds like Call Center Outsourcing? That’s because it is! But iSuporta is Outsource Staffing for the Next Gen of small business owners since outsourcing with us allows you to take full control of your operations and make sure you get what you need.

    1. Make a list of tasks you want to outsource

    It’s important for you to think about the tasks you want to outsource. You can’t just hire a VA without prior knowledge about the specifics of how you want your offshore operations to be run. So it takes time and patience to decide the nature of your outsourcing.

    1. Choose the candidate you want

    You can even interview them through Zoom or Skype! We can arrange that for you. Or you can also be hands off and allow us to choose from among your qualifications. You can be as hands on as you want in the hiring process to ensure you get the right person.

    1. Start working with your Virtual Assistant

    You only pay as you go live. iSuporta has full cost transparency and there are no hidden costs. We also provide compensation and benefits in order to make sure that your employees are fully paid and are highly motivated.

    iSuporta is your Offshore Office for Hire in the Philippines

    You can also decide if your employees will undergo a formal training period or you’ll train them on the job and they get started right away. This is how it is with iSuporta outsourcing.

    We provide top talent, college graduates and since the Philippines boasts of having highly literate, Western-minded employees, you can be assured that the staff you’re getting are just as good, or even better than those back home.

    Give us the backend tasks, let you and your in house team focus on your core specialties.

    Hire a virtual assistant and gain leverage against your competitors.