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    Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

    Delegating certain tasks if they no longer are part of your Core Functions is a skill learned by many successful leader, business, politics or even in the home. A virtual Assistant is the equivalent of a soldier, or a great tool to help get things done. Sometimes in business, items just need to get finished, and not left flopping in the wind. Send these tasks to a Virtual Assistant

    This certainly applies to different fields including real estate, digital marketing, research and eCommerce platforms.

    While you yourself are the only person who actually knows how your operations should be run, there’s no reason for you not to outsource certain tasks in order to optimize your functions as an entrepreneur.

    Here are a list of things you can do through Hiring a Virtual Assistant. These are their Core Competencies, focus on yours.

    1. Virtual Assistants can serve as your Appointment Setters

    If you’re already getting some traction if your business, you may need someone to look and check what emails and messages you are getting. Your virtual assistant then can function as an appointment setter and help you with lead generation or connecting with potential prospects.

    1. Accounts and Data Entry

    Data Entry is a crucial aspect of any business. There are loads of

    2 Ladies working Side by Side with Computers in an Outsourcing Remote Office

    iSuporta Remote Staff can work effectively because of our Fully Furnished workstations.

    information, accounts, people and Transactions that need to be overseen. If you want to be on the front end of sales and marketing, it’s time to offload some of these tasks with V.A.’s who also have a superb level of organizational skills.

    1. Cold Calling and Inbound Calls

    Appointment Setting is crucial to the job of a V.A. Sometimes you can’t make all the phone calls yourself. But if you hire your V.A. team through an Outsourcing company then this is how you can train them to know the nature of your business and in a way, they can be decision makers in your day-to-day activities. They improve efficiency as they connect with leads and also screen them.

    1. Content Writing

    It is also a wise business practice to be involved in social media marketing and to hire virtual assistants who are skilled in advertising your content online. There are cost savings to setting them up as your personal assistants yes, but if you can train them to go beyond that while actually excelling at what they do, then that goes a long way into improving your bottom line.

    1. Ask them to encode your MLS Listings for Real Estate

    If you want to sell homes and do so efficiently, it’s imperative that they are able to not only perform encoding tasks but to also differentiate between the properties that are useful or not. This helps you qualify your leads and makes it more likely for you to close a deal.

    1. Telling them to check Listings

    If you are a Real Estate marketer obviously you do need to check the data and the listings yourself. You qualify them. But your V.A. makes your job easier because they would have already organized it to make sure that you only connect with those people who are workable as well.

    1. Do Virtual Work

    You don’t have to stick with a one size fits all approach in outsourcing your virtual assistants, you can integrate them into your entire team, your Digital Marketing Specialists, your IT and your Sales Team.

    You can use collaborative tools like Trello or Google Docs so that you can perform your tasks Live. Cloud computing is the way to go and you get to use it in the way that you intend to.

    1. Content Marketing

    Content marketing is vital. Copy Writing, Graphic Design and even Telesales is fundamental. So if there are a bunch of people who might serve as good leads. Or perhaps other companies you might think of as business partners, then allowing your VA’s to sift through these and even help you market these across the Web, and across your Network, then it makes sense that everything will come into place.

    1. They can work remotely while you close a deal

    If you’re gonna go on a business trip while closing some deals, the best thing you can do is have them continue to do tasks of Lead Generation or Customer Retention. They can look at the contacts who have served as viable customers. If you’re in the process of closing a sale, while they continually oversee the sales and the accounts that are already coming in, that ensures your transactions are fully integrated and help your bottom line in the long run.

    1. Chat Support

    Of course it’s best if you hire a fully fledged Customer Support team. But if you have a social media page that needs attendance, then your V.A. can absolutely function well as a person who attends to queries and entertains any questions. Chat support is a relatively simple task for small businesses and of course your VA can serve you through interfacing with some of your initial customers. An excellent virtual assistant necessarily has the skills of good customer service as well.

    Where can you Hire Virtual Assistants?

    1. A Company that Allows you to Reduce Costs

    The Philippines is absolutely fantastic in that the cost of living is lower than over there in the West. Also we pay our Employees TWICE MORE than local employers do in our Peza Accredited Outsourcing company. This isn’t just a sweat shop call center though, this is a Remote Staffing Firm that also focuses on Employee Satisfaction and Career Growth.

    1. A Company with Top Notch IT and Infrastructure

    Don’t hire freelancers! iSuporta is a Remote Managed Services company. You lay out the tasks and the job while we simply provide the Office Space. Fully Equipped with Backup Power and Internet and the qualified Staff Members to help you operate. Your Virtual Assistants Come in and you pay only as you go live.

    1. Cost Transparency and Integrated HR and Admin

    There are no hidden costs. This makes your investments predictable and under your FULL CONTROL. This ensures that you don’t have to spike your overhead costs for no good reason. You appoint your Remote Team and we function as your Office for Hire. We have an HR Team that also complies with all these requirements in conjunction with Philippine Labor Laws. This takes a lot off your plate and you can take full advantage of your Outsourced Virtual Assistants team to ensure your Operations are in top shape.

    ASK US if you want to get started in hiring your Remote Outsourced Virtual Assistants today.

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