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    Virtual Administrative Assistant – Hire remote employees with AI

    If you want to get things done and you want to reach more people with minimal effort, it’s time to start delegating. There are certain things you should oversee yourself and that is, deciding which clients to take on, deciding on the look of your website and the presentation of your products and services.

    The most efficient way to do your work while at the same time scale and facilitate sales and a broader reach is to outsource your work to the right partner. The right company can provide you exceptional remote employees while complying with the way you want your workflow to be done.

    Virtual administrative assistants can handle:

    Email management

    If you’re already capturing some leads, it’s inevitable you will get some emails. Sometimes you can be swamped with legitimate emails, spam and promos. That’s just the nature of using Gmail and other providers. Having a VA can help you sift through the clutter to ensure that you won’t miss anything out if there are important messages coming to you.

    Data Entry

    This is probably the most tedious of all tasks to think about. But if you just neglect organizing your numbers, customers and client’s names and accounts your business would crumble. A good virtual admin assistant knows about the shortcuts and macros you prescribe so they can better implement them to create an efficient workflow.

    Digital marketing tasks

    You can also put your virtual admin assistants at the front line of your sales and content marketing. Digital marketing requires content writing, graphic design and social media coordination to work properly. At the same time, the way your marketing materials are put out should also reflect the right methodology.

    Hire a virtual admin assistant who knows Open AI

    Let’s face it, the world is getting fully automated and AI is now at the forefront. If you hire remote employees who know about AI especially a virtual assistant whose tasks are largely tedious, they can get more done and you can help them obtain the more rewarding aspects of admin jobs such as customer service, sales and even content marketing!

    The thing about AI is that it cannot replace the human touch – not yet at least.

    But if you find a good system like Open AI API, or Dasha AI it can greatly enhance the way they create output so this will result in the automation of certain tasks with only your virtual assistant doing things such as writing English language tasks or asking the program to do certain things.

    The AI allows them to gain traction or largely tedious tasks and they’re free to focus on other higher order chores such as analysis, customer service and even project management.

    AI provides you creative freedom

    Working with Open AI gives you creative freedom because you can work with many tools, many resources, a multitude of macros and different points of view. With this method of content creation, research and pooling of information, you can leverage the power of the World Wide Web and creativity over that of your competitors.

    Travel arrangements and digital marketing routines

    If you hire a virtual admin assistant that will give you a lot of freedom to travel. If you’re traveling for vacation or you’re doing it because you’re meeting new clients, there is no reason to be bogged down once your business is up and running.

    Hire remote workers easily

    Virtual assistants are just a general designation of remote employees. They can serve multiple functions but you can go for a specialized remote team such as a sales team or a digital marketing team who knows what to do what you ask of them.

    If you want more traction with your graphic design for instance or you want to learn more about how your competitors are doing with just a click of a mouse, you can set your AI to work wonders for you.

    If you’re making a lot of sales and you would like to track most of your transactions? Automating some of those tasks with just a little bit of monitoring on the part of your virtual assistants can help a lot. It’s ideal to find a workflow that fits so you can feel invincible in the way you are approaching your day to day activities.

    Customer service with AI

    You can also work with a customer service AI to enhance your manpower. Your main customer support team or chat support can be working on higher order tasks such as customer inquiries in a standardized way where they will be speaking to a refreshed, energetic and dynamic persona all day long.

    You can use AI customer service hand in hand with human remote employees. The integration between the manual and the automated is becoming closer and closer. You can embrace this change and it will producing significant results in your output.

    Hire low cost staffing

    iSuporta provides you the opportunity to get the latest and greatest in outsourcing. Whether you hire a virtual administrative assistant just to get a few tasks off your plate or you want to scale more and hire an entire customer service team, we can offer you those options.

    The best thing about outsourcing from us here in the Philippines is we provide the opportunity to give employees higher compensation, more than the usual locals here earn and this will ensure that you’ll only be getting college graduates, top of the line staff who are eager to do the tasks you give them as well.

    Outsource only with exceptional staff

    Save time and money when you hire and work with our exceptional college graduates. We offer them the desk space and the office space and we manage them during times when you can’t. It’s a matter of setting the tone of how you would like your workflows to be done.

    Administrative tasks need not be a chore because we provide virtual assistant jobs and a host of other digital marketing careers for our employees who are eager to serve you and work with Americans or Brits like yourself.

    Working with your remote team members gives you immense freedom like you never had. It’s like managing field staff, the only difference is there are lower costs and you don’t have to pay for the overhead of training them or securing office space.

    Schedule a call with us if you have any questions!

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