Outsourcing is the act of subcontracting or offloading several of your tasks to an external company, usually an offshore office.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) usually includes the outsourcing of backend tasks and customer service chores such as taking inbound calls, making outbound calls, taking orders, and data entry.

The benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines can often outweigh the cons and for those who find the right outsourcing partner.

The returns are significant and hefty and not to mention the cost savings included in implementing the proper offshoring solutions.

Outsourcing in the Philippines can be advantageous and even more so than you were to outsource to other countries such as India, China, or Taiwan.

We’re going to get into the nitty-gritty of why the Philippines is your ideal outsourcing destination.

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What makes the Philippines a top outsourcing destination for different industries and services?

The main factor of the Philippines being a top-notch outsourcing destination is because of the scalability, the low cost of living, and the ability to pool and train highly motivated workers to do either backend tasks.

Or to ramp them up and do more creative tasks and help develop your K-bases and KPI’s with you.

In fact, since the pandemic has caused an upsurge in demand for telehealth and other consumer-driven services it’s not presumptuous to say that a 7% increase in demand for backend support and customer service is only going to increase when our world is going more digital minute by minute.

We’re going to get into a little bit more detail later on.

But the gist of it is, the Philippines outsourcing staff can often think and act like Westerners.

Read on for some of the advantages of offshoring your workload to competent and highly trained Filipino staff.

Why Outsource to the Philippines? 10 Key Benefits


In spite of the pandemic, the Philippines remains a cost-efficient outsourcing destination because of the low cost of living.

In the States, you would have to pay $25 or more to find a decent accountant or bookkeeper and the same rates may apply if you want to hire a personal assistant.

Trustworthy outsourcing providers however can give you the same quality of service for just $10 per hour and therefore still pay your remote employee twice more than the average Filipino worker makes – this ensures happy and highly motivated employees.

Communication Skills

Filipinos like Netflix and Disney! They’re exposed to Americana and chic cultures and Instagram and Twitter.

Therefore, they can act and think like Westerners.

Now, you might argue that even Indians and Koreans are Western-oriented?

That may be the case, but Filipinos are fairly well trained in English in their formative years.

And the best call centers in the Philippines give them proper training to refine their English to sound like a neutral, native speakers.

More often than not, you won’t be having a problem with a customer service representative with a strange accent.

The Philippines literacy rate is 90% while Filipino fluency in English is at 70%.

Culture Compatibility

Filipinos are not just Yes Men or Yes Women!

And they don’t just want to earn a quick buck.

Many Filipinos are great leaders and they want to take advantage of their knowledge and guide you in better directions aside from just taking orders from you.

If you want total control of your pipeline?

That’s great, but more often than not, you can find Filipinos who have a combination of the technical and creative – and that is essential in customer service, eCommerce, telehealth, and even backend data and number crunching such as Virtual Assistant outsourcing.

Access to Pool of Highly-Skilled and Talented Workforce

Outsourcing companies often can pool highly skilled and talented employees.

Many Filipinos are college graduates, some have MBA’s or are Masteral candidates so you won’t be getting fake rock star freelancers like you do when you’re pooling on your own on the Internet for remote workers.

You may also hire people with managerial experience, often admin employees turn to the BPO industry for greener pasture because of how the arrangement pays off.

Timezone Flexibility

If you want to work with your outsource employees in the day?

We can have night shift workers in here if you’re in America.

If you want them to work while you’re sleeping? Then you can get day shift workers.

If it’s in the UK you can hire mid-shift workers and in New Zealand or Australia, there is very little time difference.

Outsource workers are trained to work across different shifts so choosing your worker’s shift is optimal if you want to interact with them hands-on or at least supervise them in certain phases of your program.

This type of flexibility is something you probably won’t get if you’re hiring freelance.

Government Support

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines has government support.

In fact, many BPO companies in the Philippines such as iSuporta is PEZA-accredited company that has long been overseeing the BPO industry ensuring quality standards and a legitimate way to have a remote office abroad without having to worry about legalities and red tape.

Data Privacy and Security Regulations

The Philippines also has the proper Data Privacy and Security Regulations which will ensure the free flow of your information and data with your outsourcing company’s rights to safeguarding it and protecting it with software and IT infrastructure which will ensure the unimpeded flow of your digital assets to you.

Work Ethic

If you pay your workers high, they get motivated to give it their all.

More of then than not customer service representatives and virtual assistants are willing to go beyond their call of duty because of the great pay that BPO outsourcing in the Philippines affords them.

They contribute their own ideas and this is what the gift of outsourcing Philippines can give to small business owners who want committed workers.

Reduced Tax Burden and Legal Liability

Guess what? Since you’ll either be paying for an ala carte employee or a remote team?

You only get what you pay for!

There are no hidden costs and since this is an outsourcing arrangement this reduces your tax burden and overhead because you’re offshoring your operations!

Here in iSuporta. we fulfill government remittances and Philippine labor laws so you don’t have to worry about your outsourcing practice becoming illegitimate or below the line in any way at all.


Outsourcing with the right company can allow you to gain the resources and infrastructure that BPO has.

You don’t have to worry about spending for licensing software, computers, office space, and overhead.

Your outsource company is your office for hire.

And this is why many have sought the advantages of outsourcing because not just the staff but the equipment are given.

Are there any Disadvantages to Outsourcing in the Philippines?

Yes, if you hire the wrong company.

There are some call center outsourcing horror stories.

However, if you find the right offshore staffing partner, more often than not you’ll find that you can manage remote staff just like field staff.

The core of disadvantages happens when the call center or BPO takes creative control instead of you.

Sometimes they can price their services so high but pay their employees low.

That’s a practice we do not condone here at iSuporta and we would love to show you how much potential there is in offshoring to the Philippines.

Philippines As the Best Outsourcing Country in Southeast Asia

In summary, the Philippines can be the perfect outsourcing destination.

In fact, if you want to come for a visit there are highly developed urban areas, hotels, resorts, and shopping malls in the country if you want to examine your employees and outsourcing partner’s offices yourself.

Some of our partners in Australia have visited our premises and they alternate between working remotely and working hands-on with their remote staff.

The economy is now taking a slow rise towards a slow rise in GDP at 4.5% in 2021 and projects of 5.5% growth in the gross domestic product in 2022, you can’t go wrong with giving your offshore operations here a try.

If you find an outsourcing company willing to achieve your tasks but still give you full operational control, meaning you’re allowed to oversee and manage your staff yourself at times when you need to, that’s the best of all worlds!

We don’t believe in call centers that dictate their own metrics at the expense of the customer – you.

So find out if your routines have escalated to the point where you need to offshore them, then it’s time you take advantage of outsourcing where the remote employees think and work like you! Schedule a call with us if you want to know more.

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