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    Chat support software with top quality chat support agents

    It is absolutely remarkable if you’ve put a business together and it’s starting to gain leverage and traction. The thing is, it’s always a good business practice to stick to your guns and to work things out on your own so you can implement your vision.

    Chat support software can help you go a long way.

    It’s important that when you’re hiring remote employees, you give them all the tools possible that they can get. Chat support AI allows you to glean from all your customers and it gives you a chance to see what they’re up to and what their preferences really are.

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    There are several advantages of getting chat support software and it’s all about increasing your sales funnel as well.

    Here they are:

    Route chats quickly

    It’s paramount that you’re able to route chats directly to the channels which matter. If one deserves to be in customer support, then you can direct them there. If someone needs to be directed to sales, then you route them there. Using the right software enables you to come up with a powerful approach to your customer service solutions.

    You’re able to qualify leads

    You’re able to qualify leads based on their location, their interests and their propensity to click certain things on your website. With this functionality in check, you’re less likely to waste time on certain people and able to entice others to buy when it is really needed.

    Manage multiple websites

    You can use your live chat account to manage leads from multiple websites. Creating different versions of your sales funnels is an excellent way to ensure that you’ve covered all territory. If you have designated different places to make a sale and to showcase your products, that can only lead to an efficient form of lead capture.

    Unlimited chat

    The unlimited chat function easily gives you more options to attend to multiple customers at once. If your business is gaining traction, let’s face it you cannot relegate all your manpower to answering every single query. But if you can route these chats properly, they can get to a human agent eventually but customers are attended to promptly if you set up the right parameters for your chat applications.

    Hire chat support remote employees with AI

    Using AI and automation alone isn’t enough unless you’re still at a phase where you can manage your business on your own. Routing these potential leads to the right agents is fundamental. You need the right people to attend to these needs efficiently so that your clients can get a personal touch.

    This is especially true if you want to grow and scale while saving money on overhead costs.

    The truth is you should save time and money and be as cost efficient as possible but doing things cheap does not mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your output. Having top notch remote staff allows you to move forward while offering minimal supervision to your team.

    Here are some of the remote employees who can form your eCommerce digital marketing team.

    Live chat support agents

    These are the people who filter through all the clutter and determine what a customer really needs. AI can make things easier to organize, but it does not mean AI is a substitute for the human touch. They are people who are highly trained with your knowledge base and know how to answer questions the right way.

    Sales and marketing

    Sales is a very important opportunity when you’re already capturing leads. The right people can upsell or cross-sell your customers to potential products. Cross-selling is very important if someone is looking for something in particular and they don’t want to leave your website empty handed. Top notch sales people are able to close a deal and increase your conversions as well.

    Content writing

    Copy writing or content writing is indispensable when you think about lead capture. They are the ones who entice people to ask questions to begin with. Hiring a good content writer can get you more conversions than you would otherwise. Enticing people the right way is fundamental in order to garner more sales.

    If you want to hire live chat support agents, then here are some of the qualities you need to look out for so that they can manage your business in an efficient fashion.

    Typing speed

    Let’s face it, the more inquiries you get the faster you will need to address things and they need to be able to type with a shorthand that won’t necessarily compromise on grammar. They need to work their limber hands on the keyboard to ensure customers are getting speedy replies.


    Much like voice calls, paraphrasing is required in chat support. This allows the agent to recheck if they understand what a customer means so a client may repeat their queries if necessary. Paraphrasing is fundamental to any form of customer service.

    Technical savvy in CRM’s

    They need to be able to operate your CRM tools including your chat support software properly. This is the way to ensure that you get the most out of your business. They need to know how the UI and the UX of your apps work so that they can better deploy them.

    Another area where technical savvy plays a role is in their customer complains resolutions as well if you are selling technological products or apps.

    They need to know the ins and outs of any given product to give customers the satisfaction that they want.

    Hire chat support agents with AI

    Find the right company who can offer you chat support agents and the AI, software and hardware to proceed. If you have an ideal software platform you’d like implemented, then all you have to do is mention it.

    iSuporta can provide you the staff and the desk space. We also pay our employees twice more than usual. You’ll be getting highly trained and highly motivated chat support staff.

    Contact us if you want to learn more.