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    There are times when you need to start working on the specifics of how you’re going to expand your operations. Your oversight is needed in areas where it counts and in the way you want your products and services to be offered across your target market.

    circuitboard AI graphics - a helpful tool when you hire a virtual assistant

    If you’re starting to get bogged down already with a multitude of tasks and chores related to your business, then it’s the right time to delegate. It’s not that you can’t do most of them on your own, it’s a question of working smart, not hard.

    You may have heard of outsource staffing or remote staffing. And you might already be considering to hire a virtual assistant.  Outsource staffing which allows you to work in an efficient way while making changes in real time following things closely in your target market makes for a top tier quality way of implementing your work properly.

    That’s not all there is. There is a new wave of outsourcing efficiency coming and that is through the use of AI. Artificial intelligence allows you more speed, efficacy and creative control in the way you make decisions.  There are several advantages you can get through hiring outsource staffing who knows about AI.

    Virtual assistant companies with AI

    The use of AI considerably speeds up your business processes and tasks. You won’t have to worry about achieving your KPI’s because your team will be right on it. And as long as you meet them and set the parameters you need beforehand, then instead of getting the usual output you get, you get ten times that plus with quality control.

    Hire a U.S. based virtual assistant company in the Philippines

    The Philippines features top of the line remote staff many of whom are college graduates. And most of whom are eager to comply with your requests as well. You won’t be getting freelancers who don’t give a rip about your business. If you hire the right people and find an outsourcing partner who can pay them well, you’ll get motivated people who take ownership of your brand.

    Open AI API allows you so much more flexibility in services you offer

    It’s important that you think about cost savings in remote staffing. But don’t go remote if you’re only going to hire a bunch of ding dongs who won’t even take a 2nd look at their output or review the quality of data you’re giving them. AI allows them flexibility and in turn it allows you more flexibility.

    This allows you to offer many more services to your client at lowered costs. And if you market it efficiently, that absolutely increases your sales funnels.

    Hiring a virtual assistant gives you intelligence and a human touch

    Open AI API can only go so far. Something like GPT-3 is designed to shorten the amount of time it takes to complete tasks. But hiring someone such as a virtual assistant who can complete tasks on time. Hiring a virtual assistant who knows the many areas of function though can help you edit and refine the output of the AI and create something that is of high quality in a short amount of time.

    You get to dictate the functions while your outsource staff members will discern if anything on the playbook needs changes.

    Virtual assistant companies with top notch quality

    If you hire people from the right outsourcing partner, then it’s inevitable you’ll get the results you want. It’s vital you find people who are willing to provide you the remote employees as well as the tools to actually perform your tasks.

    If you have an outsourcing partner who serves as an office for hire, you can be assured that you’ll be getting the hardware and the software plus backup power and generators to ensure your operations are not hindered in any way.

    Working in the Philippines allows your remote employees to have a lower cost of living. It still is a relatively low cost of living in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic. iSuporta has adjusted greatly in spite of the lockdowns and it’s because we have equipped our staff properly.

    The adaptation of new technology such as the use of open AI isn’t that big of a jump then when you talk about adding new elements to the table.

    Digital marketing, not just VA services

    If you want to reach even more people, hiring a digital marketing team such as graphic designers, content writers and sales experts are going to help you implement your wishes. The use of AI perfectly enhances your capabilities of creating new materials and making the necessary adjustments you need in real time.

    Content writers

    You can hire content writers and instead of giving you 2 articles per week, they might give you 10. Or they’ll give you more social media posts to choose from and you select from the best in order to increase the chances of people noticing you.

    Graphic designers

    Pull from a host of many graphics and photos from the web and create the most superb designs according to what is right for your brand. You offer your graphics people more choices and more options and at the same time you allow them the creative control to decide which ones fit.

    Customer service

    If you want a fail safe for one of your customer service functions? Then open AI is the way to go. Artificial intelligence these days have a higher order of semantic functioning which can allow them to interact like real humans.

    You can use them in conjunction with your customer support needs. So if you hire remote employees to operate them, these top functioning machines will then enhance your ability to meet customer requests and help you improve your processes.

    Are you thinking about using virtual assistants with AI? We’ll be happy to help. Simply drop us a line and ask us anything that concerns you. We want to make sure that you achieve your bottom line. And we do that through full cost transparency, partnership and trust.

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