eCommerce business: how Remote Staffing is crucial

Remote Staffing is the new normal. Covid-19 has forced businesses worldwide to shut down, limiting capacity and is gradually making employers adapt work from home arrangements or remote staffing.

If you want to turn your business practices from a physical office to an ecommerce platform there are several things you need to keep in mind. You want to make the jump to remote operations quickly but if you run a company that depends on selling multiple products and services across a wide audience, then take some time to consider what this entails.

If you turn to eCommerce, then remote staffing is the new normal precisely because, excluding the logistics and deliveries aspects of it, most of the backend tasks can be done on a work from home basis.

If you’re satisfied with your workforce, then make sure they are fully equipped with their remote employment requirements. Working online can have tremendous benefits and cost savings, but in any case, you need to hire highly motivated and highly trained staff to ensure the quality of the work being done.

If you want to hire remote employees, then you should choose the right outsourcing company, those who allow you to make sure your operations are running in the way you’re used to running them.

Here are some of the people you may need to hire in order for your ecommerce brand to start soaring:

  1. Mobile app developers

These days, everything is going mobile. It’s critical to ensure that your website or at least the apps you intend to use are compatible with most phones these days. You need to choose developers who know their stuff and are diligent about getting things done in the way that is ideal for you.

You can outsource mobile app developers or you can hire them onshore, but what matters is you come up with a concrete plan of how you want to present your brand. eCommerce software developers can come particularly in handy if your products are worthwhile.

  1. Social media marketers

These days, Instagram and Facebook is where it’s at. You need to ensure that your platform has the visibility it needs across all social platforms. You can set aside a budget for ad spending, but if you’re too busy closing front end clients, it’s possible to outsource social media marketing tasks to a social media coordinator, a virtual assistant or a digital marketing specialist.

Again, the majority of the tedious work is achievable through your outsourcing partner, but what you need is to establish your brand properly.

  1. eCommerce website builder

Web developers are absolutely crucial if you want a proper site which is the stage for all your products and services. Sure Instagram and Facebook ecommerce are great, but your site which hosts most of your products needs to function properly and be customized to the way you see fit.

A good rule of thumb is make sure new users know what your site is about right off the bat. If they don’t that is something you need to refine and it obviously needs to reflect form and functionality.

  1. Copy writers

Copy writers or content writers can actually serve multiple functions, they can write long form content, or short order, short phrases and tool tips which will form the part of your website. They can work closely with your social media marketers — and in some cases they ARE your social media marketers and vice versa, and as well as your ecommerce website developers.

Get people who can write in conversational, kitschy American English if you want your brand to be commercial. You can also get technical writers if you need k-base articles for your customer service agents. Sometimes, great copy writers can do any style of text you want them to.

  1. Live chat support

Often, if your e-commerce platform is on Facebook, you’ll need a live chat support agent to attend to your needs, it’s critical if your page already has many viewers because those who send a message to your site are leads. And if they are good leads, they are likely to make a purchase. So find someone with top notch skills in conversational English, has an excellent knack for communication and obviously has some chat support experience.

  1. Customer service representatives

Customer service representatives are among commonplace remote staff for e-commerce websites. They take inbound calls of people making inquiries into your site but at the same time, they can also serve as cold callers or telesales agents to help you meet your bottom line.

Since the new normal requires you to make as much of your staff work from home as much as possible, barring your onshore staff like chefs, delivery, logistics, then you can easily outsource the right customer service representatives if you know where to find them.

You need people to guide your customers across your online store because remember, the goal is to get people to make a purchase.

Remote Staffing as the US economy reopens

As we speak the U.S. economy is gearing up to reopen, but it will be awhile, barring new studies and Covid-19 weakening before things go back to normal as in the old normal.

Food delivery services, ecommerce websites and social media marketing will still be part of the new normal. Remote employees are still required to oversee your backend tasks so it’s crucial for you to get in touch with the right workers if you intend for your business to prosper in the foreseeable future.

Why iSuporta?

The Philippines is the top outsourcing destination in Southeast Asia. Even as the coronavirus was spreading, outsourcing and BPO’s were still the norm and growing stronger attending to the needs of Western clients.

People like you know how to implement ideas and direct the flow of operations. If for, whatever reason you can no longer oversee every single aspect of the job yourself, there’s no reason not to make the shift to Managed Remote Staffing.

At iSuporta, we provide the equipment, the time monitoring tools and the supervisors to make sure your work is being done. We’ve long been an expert in Managed Operations, and our form of outsourcing ensures that clients get to customize their operations rather than just putting people in a box.

We have full cost transparency and we allow you to see what you pay for and you can choose to hire a few remote employees or hire an entire digital marketing team for your ecommerce website.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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