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    What are Inbound Call Center Services?

    Inbound, outbound call center services aren’t necessarily separate from each other. But you might be wondering, what are other tasks you can outsource to a call center?

    We’ll give you a recap of call center services outsourcing first.

    Inbound Call Center Services

    This is where your call center employees take your calls for you.

    Outbound Call Center Services

    This is where your call center employees make your calls for you.

    Remote Staffing

    This is the general term you can use when you want to outsource staff whose routines go beyond just taking calls or making calls. And the best form of call center outsourcing or remote staffing is Managed Operations.

    We’ll get into that a little bit more, later.

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    Virtual Assistant

    Virtual assistants are all around, they can function as your appointment setters, but they can also serve customer service functions and digital marketing functions, reaching out to new clients while at the same time tidying up your work for you. Their job is to give you as much traction as possible with the admin tasks so you don’t have to do them yourself.

    Digital Marketing Specialists

    We can give you content writers, graphic designers, lead sourcing specialists and SEO analysts, if you’re ready to outsource your marketing so that you can increase your sales funnel without having to spend so much money on overhead costs, then you can outsource a digital marketing team with us.

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    Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

    Allow us to take the load off your plate with payroll and accounts receivable. We make sure your payments are made on time and we can also serve collections functions. Hire professional bookkeepers who are highly trained and some of them have MBA’s and are well versed in the world of finance and outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping.

    Inbound Call Center Services and Remote Staffing require Managed Operations

    Think about this, you’re probably thinking about hiring an employee from Upwork at just $5.00 per hour. But will that gain you any traction at all? If you hire locally, you may very well have to spend $30 an hour or more if you want a really good employee on top of that more than $1000 per month on rental and overhead costs.

    The compromise between freelance and expensive local staffing is Managed Operations, the Next Gen in Call Center Outsourcing and Remote Staffing. With this you get results coaches on the ground who can be your eyes and ears and make sure that none of your staff are slacking off.

    What if we told you that at $10 per hour give or take, you can hire a high quality, top notch college graduate and at that rate we pay them high?

    It’s because your $10 per hour equals 2x the national average in the Philippines. This is because of the low cost of living if you outsource your remote staffing to a Call Center in the Philippines. 

    Managed Operations gives you Full Operational Control

    Unlike traditional call center services outsourcing, you don’t just give up control of your tasks when you outsource them, instead you can calibrate how much you want to manage vs. how much you want us, your remote team to manage. We can take care of your tasks while you’re away, and at the same time you can chat with your staff like your managing your in house staff at home.

    Web Developer

    If you’re sure you want your sales and your leads to come through your website, then having a really good web developer on the team is great. They can help you make custom changes on the fly and make sure your UI and UX conform to what your customers need. Great web developers are flexible and they can make changes depending on your intentions as a business owner.

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    Graphic Designer

    If you want to make slow and progressive changes to your website or you simply need someone who can make some visual ads for you every now and again, then hiring a web designer is a great idea and great web or graphic designers can give you a host of other choices when it comes to positioning your products and increasing the chances of improving your sales funnel.

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    Outsourced Accounting and Finance

    If you need a little bit more than outsource bookkeeping tasks? You can also hire outsourced accounting services. We can give you professional accountants who can perform bookkeeping tasks, but can also give you a little bit more analysis and compilations on the accounting front. These can include timekeeping and payroll and reconciling balances or simply